Just a quick note to briefly explain the vision we have at strive.ai.  In short, I believe there is tremendous potential sitting in the data applications like Strava, Training Peaks and Garmin possess.  Living in the Bay Area and working in digital consulting for the past 5 years I’ve seen the steady growth of the practice of using data science to enhance the customer experience.  As I write this I’m listening to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist which has helped me find so much great music!

Being an avid endurance sport advocate made me think that there is unlocked potential in their data.  At a minimum my vision is to demonstrate to the endurance sport app community the power of their data.  I’m quite sure there is value their members would pay for!

Consider the following visionary ideas:

Would you pay for a service that sent you replacement bike parts or running shoes before yours failed?

Would more people sign up for Strava Premium if it offered recommendations on what groups rides/runs, segments or other athletes would be good matches for it’s members?

What would OEMs pay to have a true context of how their products are being used in the marketplace at scale?

Consider for a moment that THE  best strategy for improving as a runner, cyclist or swimmer is sitting in the rich data these companies own waiting for an algorithm to learn it and share it with others.

What if the coaches had digital assistants that allowed them to reach an order of magnitude more athletes in their business?  Wouldn’t the cost of high end coaching become affordable to the recreational athlete?

I’m excited for the future where digital and sport continue to benefit each other!

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