One of the first IoT devices I purchased was this scale.  I needed a new scale and a neighbor was happy with his earlier generation Withings device.  What I like most about it is it’s fully integrated with Apple Health and has a few interesting heart health features (e.g. Pulse Wave Velocity).  Withings has a wide cadre of devices to help you maximize your health and fitness.

I’ve included their promotional video below.  For we place considerable importance on weight as watts/kg is a key metric used in tracking your performance and helping you find others with your same strength in your geography.  I use this IFTTT applet to have this scale automatically update my weight in Strava.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, bringing context to your athletic performance is a principle pillar of  Weight, hydration level and body composition all play a key role in how you perform in endurance sports. can help you identify which factors are MOST important to your performance and help you identify your ideal balance.

Withings Body Cardio Scale
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