I’m very excited to receive my Masimo Mighty Sat Pulse Oximeter tomorrow!  I’ve been reading how a handful of professional triathletes have incorporated pulse oxygen data into their training.  It’s intuitively obvious that the amount of oxygen in your blood will impact endurance athlete performance.  This sensor while more expensive at ~$400 has several advantages.  For example, it’s been tested against lower cost consumer brand Pulse Oximeters and found to be much more consistent in it’s readings.  Additionally, this device is reportedly the only one integrated with Apple Health which will make it compelling in the strive.ai use case.  Masimo is a legit medical device manufacturer.

I’m going to test it over the next month and try to correlate factors from it’s readings with my peak thresholds.  These tests will be the initial view into our long term strategy of strive.ai to bring in more context to your performance gains and help you identify markers that are pushing performance up or down.  Right now the Factors are limited to the data Strava maintains from each of your runs and rides (e.g Cadence, Altitude, Temp, etc).  Once we get Apple Health integration stood up we’ll then add more context from variables maintained from various sources (e.g. Masimo, Withings, etc).  My suspicion is Nutrition, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, Steps, Standing Hours, etc will be very helpful in helping establish the best rituals to elicit better results in your efforts.  I’ll be doing a longer post in the next few days on the new wave of innovation hitting strive.ai in before we go live out of the beta.  Incidentally, great weekend of growth with ~200 new athletes signing up!

Heather Jackson, a top tier professional triathlete describes her experiences with Mighty Sat here and here.  I believe Heather and her coach, Joe Gambles both use this device.

I picked mine up on Amazon here.


Masimo Mighty Sat
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