Super excited to start laying down some advanced features to enhance your Strava experience.  The key to any good AI is the data so over the next 6-8 weeks we’re enriching our data to unlock exciting new algorithms that we know are game changers!  Rather than geek out on the types of features we’re envisioning yet I’ll just summarize some of the data we’re working on pulling in:

data sources

We have a few tweaks to what we cache from Strava to enhance our next generation AI features.  The epic new stuff includes: observed weather, bio markers from Apple Health, fitness variables from Training Peaks, expansive data from Garmin Connect and bike fit information from  In addition to these sources we hope to add, we’re also considering adding data elements to our database that we don’t think we can get in other places (e.g. gear details: stack, reach, components, etc).

I’m going to send a survey out to everyone in the beta this week asking you to prioritize features that we envision around this data!  Our plan is to integrate all the data we can so we start capturing it and debug the interfaces.  We’ll focus our AI effort on the feature you all vote as the top priority!

It’s about to get very interesting!

Next Generation Features
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