I’ve been considering getting one of these ever since a guy in my Sea Otter XC race walked me though his while we waited to start.  He loved the fact that it’s configuration is all done in the mobile app and that you can zoom in on the screen easily to focus on specific data fields.  I’ve been watching Wahoo for a few years given their Kickr product has been so successful!  As a company I think they have been doing great stuff.

Yesterday Wahoo tipped me over the edge with a head unit trade-in promotion!  $80 for my Garmin 500 that’s been sitting in the closet for a few years!

I’m going to give the Elemnt a go for the next few weeks and post a longer review.  DC Rainmaker has reviewed both the Elemnt and the smaller Elemnt Bolt.  I figured I’d go with the bigger one since that’s the target of their promotion and I don’t have a map worthy head unit yet.

Wahoo Elemnt
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