Several weeks back I noticed that my runs were no longer getting synced to with run power.

Turns out Strava made a change on their end to remove the power stream from run activities as it was impacting their fitness and freshness charts.

I decided to try a battery of tests to see if I could retain the power. Good news!

When I recorded activities as Ride using Ant+ and flipped them to Run after the Strava upload, it didn’t remove the power stream. Who knows how long this will continue to work but I’m confident Strava is working toward a solution integrating run power with the rest of their premium feature set. I’m going to test using both Ant+ and Stryd’s mobile app next and see if I can get the data in both apps successfully.

Hope this helps.

Also, if you haven’t checked out Stryd, it’s a great tool with much more than just run power! Our plan is to provide a premium feature for runners that integrates all of the data from Stryd and your head unit(s) to provide more insight (aka Factors) around what’s impacting your best efforts up and down. It’s a great bang for the buck given how much $ we all spend on our bike power meters! Running efficiency is the key to success and Stryd helps you attain it!

Stryd update
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2 thoughts on “Stryd update

  • September 23, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Lack of run power on Strava isn’t especially helpful. Reading through a number of forums this lack of functionality seems to be a deal breaker for many people.

    I have a and a Garmin FR230 and Stryd pod that records running power as Connect IQ fields. I have it set up so activities automatically upload to Garmin Connect once I finish a run, and then Garmin Connect uploads the activity to Strava. Strava doesn’t support running power on its platform (nor it doesn’t appear to be looking to do this anytime soon!). I haven’t seen run power displayed in Strava. pulls workouts from Strava, so when I look at my dashboard run power isn’t analysed…

    But today I did something different. Due to GPS errors in my run, I didn’t save the import to Strava from Garmin Connect. Instead, I downloaded the original .fit file from Garmin Connect, trimmed the bad data, then uploaded the file directly to Strava. Run power still isn’t displayed on Strava (no surprise). However, I was surprised to see run power data for the activity recorded in

    I tried re-uploading some previous runs in a similar way to see if would pick up on run power. However, when it syncs it appears to only look for new activities.

    • October 1, 2017 at 10:12 pm


      Looks like your found another work around for Strava’s clipping of run power. Nicely done.

      You’re correct we only pick up new activities. We’ll add a feature to let you re-sync any activity to get past that issue. I too have wanted this in situations where picked up the activities before I had finished editing it… Send me a note to and I can get your run activities in by hand until that feature is live.


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