After we pull over the 8 weeks of history when you sign up we start predicting the hours until your next activity based on the 8 week history.  Typically that means about 24 hours after your last activity but it starts to learn your patterns on when you have rest days, etc.  The sync process will try you every few hours for the first day, once a day for a week and then monthly until it finds an activity.

You can always ask the system to sync you in the next run by clicking the Queue Sync on the Dashboard page.  This overrides your next sync predicted date time with the current time and you’ll be picked up in the next 15-30 minutes.

Our plan is to work with Strava and have them tell us when our users have new activities in the future.  We’ll queue them up and try to pick them up a few hours after your done to make sure you’ve had time to add photos, select the proper gear, etc.  We refresh the data two weeks after the activity to capture some “observed” attributes that aren’t often available on the first day (e.g. number of people in a group ride).

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