bot@strive.ai is a digital coach working on your behalf.  He checks for new activities a few times a day and when one is found he analyzes it for a variety of things you may be interested in.  When a key insight is identified, bot sends an email with details.  The following isights are currently live in the system.

New Member:  Triggered when new beta user authorizes strive.ai to their Strava data.  The message includes some key things needed in the athlete’s Strava profile and tells them we’re assessing their fit to the beta.

Confirmed Member: Message bot sends athletes once they’ve been analyzed and confirmed.  It contains their thresholds and estimated FTP if the user has power meter(s).

Breakthrough:  If a new PR is identified for any of your peak thresholds (power, heart rate and run power) over 1, 5, 20 or 60 minutes, bot sends a notification congratulating you.  If the breakthrough is cycling power, bot includes a link to your Power Factors page which depicts what impact variables (e.g. cadence, temperature, etc) are having on your peak power over 1, 5 and 20 mins.

Activity Achievements: A summary of key achievements identified in the thresholds, watts/kg PRs on segments or best effort achievements from an activity.  Includes all threshold achievements (PR, 2, 3), all best effort achievements and noteworthy  PowerPR achievements found in your segment efforts (watts > 90% of your current threshold power).  Note these aren’t Strava PRs, they are stack ranked by watts/kg instead of time.   This message isn’t sent if a Breakthrough message was.

Gear Alert: If bot predicts a different bike on a Ride activity than what you recorded on the activity he sends this alert.  Note, he only sends this if the “default” bike is the one selected on the activity and the prediction doesn’t match the default.  In other words, if the athlete has changed the bike we assume it’s a better prediction than bot’s!  We still save the fact that it didn’t match but we don’t send an alert.  You can see any of the bike predictions on beta.strive.ai on your activity pages.

Strava FTP Alert: When you set a new 20 minute power threshold, bot compares your Strava FTP value to the our estimated FTP (95% of 20 minute power threshold).  If our estimate is materially different (e.g. <90% or > 115%)  than the Strava setting bot sends a message.  He also sends an alert if you’ve not yet setup FTP within Strava.

Watts/kg Alert: Bot executes an algorithm looking for outliers in your watts/kg at peak thresholds with the intent on identifying siutuations where your power meter is grossly off.  Bot sends a message if the issue is material.  As we get more data on your rides we’ll start to introduce more fine grained analysis to identify more subtle PM issues by comparing all of your rides with power.

More insights are being crafted now while the strive.ai beta membership is growing quickly!  For example, the Segment Performance (summary of predicted placement on Strava Leaderboard based on your current power thresholds for your starred segments) and Threshold Factors [what factors are helping/hurting your threshold peaks (e.g. what impact does cadence, grade, heart rate, etc play with your pursuit of a new 5 minute power?)] are both nearing completion.  Look for these in the next few weeks.

Last but not least, bot isn’t perfect.  He’s been trained off of limited history (8 weeks) to avoid putting too much burden on the Strava platform during athletes initial sync.  Bot collects new history every few weeks and extends the training sets for his algorithms each time making him smarter and smarter.  Additionally, many of the key insights we envision will be based on data unique to strive.ai across all of the registered athletes.  This will get better and better as more athletes use the system so please encourage your colleagues to register and to train with power, heart rate and as many sensors as possible.