Your peak heart-rate, cycling power and running power over time durations [1, 5, 20 and 60 minutes] measured over an 8 week window with alerts when you when you’ve had a breakthrough or when you’re at risk of losing fitness. maintains a history of your most recent 8 weeks of power, heart-rate and run-powere to help you identify if you’re trending up or down.  The threshold data is used to Alert you of new peaks or when one is set to expire (meaning you haven’t demonstrated that threshold over the past 8 weeks).

This 8 week period is a common notion for people training for races or milestones (e.g. first century ride).  In essence, your Peak Thresholds are only what you’ve demonstrated over an 8 week period.  Your 20 minute power is used to estimate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and alerts you when the Strava FTP is materially different than what we’ve estimated.  This helps you make sure your Strava Training Load and fitness-freshness charts reflect your actual vs. theoretical fitness.

The system also includes a trends feature that depicts your peak thresholds and key cycling power metrics over time (e.g. normalized power and intensity factor).

In addition to Peak Thresholds for power and heart rate we also calculate and trend your running pace best efforts over 400m, 800m, 1600m, 5k and 10k distances.  This will soon be used to identify Best Effort Factors like we do below on Thresholds.

Not only does use this data for alerts and trend charts, it also uses it to train several of it’s machine learning algorithms (AI).

Another AI feature is each athlete can view a summary of what factors are influencing their peak thresholds up or down.  A concrete example for many athletes is when they’re in a hot climate their heart rate rises while their power drops. captures many factors from your cycling/running computers for this assessment (e.g. temperature, altitude, time of day, warm up time, weight, gradient, cadence, recovery time since last activity, and heart-rate/power).  Each of these are assessed as to what direction they impact the threshold (up or down) and to what degree they impact the outcome (most to least).  The vision is to bring additional information through Apple Health kit over time (e.g. sleep, hydration level, steps, resting energy, blood oxygen levels, etc) helping athletes determine what makes them tick!