We’ve been hard at work for the past 2 weeks refactoring our Factors and Trends features.  Our mission is to continue to provide great visualizations and insights from your data!

A quick refresh of these two feature sets:

  1. Factors: The term factor refers to the variables that impact your achievement of peak thresholds (bike power, run power and heart-rate) over the 4 time durations [1, 5, 20 and 60].  This feature analyzes your past 8 weeks to determine a magnitude and direction each factor has on your achieving a peak threshold.   For example, how does altitude or gradient impact your ability to set a new peak bike power over 20 minutes?
  2. Trends:  The values for each threshold type and duration from your activities over the past 8 weeks.

The improvements are as follows:

  • Factors: We added Factor support for all 3 peak threshold types.  As of today, you can now visualize the factors impacting heart rate and run power (Stryd users).
  • Factors: We added a factor trend chart depicting the threshold value, the biggest positive factor and biggest negative factor so you can see how the variables relate visually.
  • Factors: Our hope is to improve the factor trend graphic in the next release to allow you to compare any of the context variables displayed in the Factors Donut to the threshold value.
  • Watts/kg: Bike Power thresholds are now displayed in watts/kg units giving you a better sense of where you stand.  Our next change will add milestone badges for when you hit a new whole number on your functional threshold power/weight (e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6 watts/kg).
  • Home: We changed the links on the Peak Thresholds table to point to the new Factors pages instead of the activity in which the peak threshold was achieved.
  • Trends: We added support for trend visualizations of all three threshold types.
  • Bike Classifier:  Changed the bike classifier to retrain every week instead of every two weeks given athletes fitness appears to be changing faster than the algorithm.

Example Factors Visualizations:

In the next few weeks we’ll add the user experience support for Factors and Tends of your Running Best Efforts.

Our longer-term strategy is to bring in more context variables to Factors allowing you to assess how for example how sleep or blood oxygen impact your performance.  We planning to support this model when we create our mobile application as an Apple Health data source.  Additionally, we’re considering offering a fit-file upload feature to enable us to get more context from Garmin’s data sources.  There are many variables (particularly for running mechanics) in Garmin’s fit files that Strava doesn’t support.

Please log into https://beta.strive.ai to access the new Factors and Trends features!

Remember you must have logged into Strava and Strive.ai via this button on the home screen if the browser you’re using doesn’t remember you…

Improved Factors and Trends